Fiberglass Replacement Handles

Heavy heads are more fatiguing to use and are more difficult to achieve accurate strike placement. The greater overall weight also makes them harder to transport through the bush. Hatchets are the smallest type of axe, designed for one-handed use with a handle smaller than 14 inches. Single-bit hatchets can also be used like conventional hammers for a variety of bushcraft tasks , making them incredibly versatile. In fact, a hatchet’s versatility and lightweight, compact nature have made it a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. I don’t know if this is the place to post a question on fiberglass axe handle repair or not. Watch this YouYube video of the HammerMan replacing a fiberglass handle.

During a manic bout of self-improvement, Benjamin Franklin convinced himself that a mirror-finished axe would make a fine example of his moral vigor. He paid a blacksmith to shine his axe and the smith agreed so long as Ben was willing to turn the stone with his own leg power. After hours of peddling like Fred Flintstone, Ben decided that pock-marks do indeed give an axe a bit of character. If you can find an axe that means something to you, then thank your fortune and keep reading. If not, check out your local flea market or junk store. You can often find an ugly duckling axe just waiting for a gentleman to restore to its true beauty. For less than $10, you can frequently find the source material for an axe that will rival a $188 Gransfors Bruks Felling Axe.

Made to use—and not lose.Leatherhead Axes are not only efficient cutting tools, they’re made to be seen under the most difficult conditions. Their Hi-Viz fluorescent fiberglass axe handles give excellent strength and control, plus unsurpassed visibility, with less weight. The solid, linear layered fiberglass shaft has a very controllable flattened cross section that’s easy to swing, and far tougher than traditional wooden handles. The grippy rubber handle provides both shock absorption and an exceptionally firm grip, wet or dry, hot or cold— even when your gloves are wet. Reflective bands beneath the polypropylene handle guard make them quickly visible under a flashlight beam, even when it’s completely dark. Whether you’re chopping kindling for a campsite or firewood in your backyard, the portable Hyper Tough 1.25 lb. Camp Axe with Fiberglass Handle is the perfect choice for garden work and outdoor enthusiasts. This easy-to-carry hatchet combines an ultra-sharp blade with a lightweight, fiberglass handle to maximize cutting and chopping performance outdoors. The high-carbon steel blade is properly hardened and tempered to a sharp edge, withstanding high amounts of striking pressure while cutting easily through any surface.

Forged camping axe with fiberglass handle

The 34 inch fiberglass handle is the ideal length for getting all of the power you need into the swing. While many brands like Helko, Hultafors, and Husqvarna stay away from artificial handles, other well known industry titans like Fiskars embrace them. The materials and balancing on this axe are identical to the Michigan single bit, but this axe has a double bit head. That means you get 2 tools for the price of 1, making this axe a pretty sound investment. The only drawback is that the head’s weight isn’t centered the same, which can make it a little tougher to guide your swing. The head of this axe weighs 3.5 pounds, making up a total of about 70% of the tool’s weight. This is standard for all-around axes like this one, giving you the right balancing to get in a powerful swing. This is the standard axe from the Collins brand. It’s a two handed axe, meant for chopping down trees, splitting logs, and any other heavy duty foresting task you need.

Maintenance is not always the priority it should be. They get used to pry things a lot of times because you don’t have a prying tool, wood breakes easier when prying from the side. I’m not sure what the large career departments use but small rural seems to head towards fiberglass from my observations. All this is very different from the use I was taught in Scouting. I will defer to others with more knowledge as far as ax use for its intended purpose. Single Bit Axe combines performance and pricing for a great value.

Our fiberglass replacement handles provide more strength and durability over wooden handles. We weld up to 175 rovings of fiberglass per handle into a smooth, strong handle. The waterproof, non-warping and non-corrosive features of fiberglass assure customer satisfaction. The Brush Man The Great Dane Tool Company® Single Bit Axe with Fiberglass Handle features a 3.5 lbs steel head and a yellow fiberglass handle. The Brush Man The Great Dane Tool Company® Single Bit Axe with Fiberglass Handle is sold in a case of 4. The ALL-AXX is an 11 pound steel handled axe with a 6 lb. pickhead on one end and a halligan fork on the other.

Fiberglass offers a middle ground between the durability of metal and the comfort of wood. Fiberglass handles are much more robust than wooden handles but are just as effective at absorbing vibrations . Depending on the manufacturer, they can even be stronger than steel if they’re properly reinforced. The main disadvantages are that they’re often the most expensive and the smooth surface can be difficult to securely grasp unless it’s covered with a nonslip rubber grip. Wooden axe handles are comfortable to hold, absorb shock well, and are reasonably durable. However, a wooden handle’s durability and short-absorption capacity will depend on the particular type of wood. Hickory wood is most commonly used for axe handles since it is robust and absorbs shock exceptionally well. The manufacturer or brand of the hammer is not important. The handles can be used for many types of hammers and other tools. Buy steel handle axes only in the case where handles are provided with shock absorption material.

This way, the top of the maul head will face upwards allowing you to drive the wood out in the same direction it was installed. Saw off the maul’s old handle close to the head leaving just about 1/4-inch of the wood projecting from the bottom of the head. A power saw or a simple handsaw will do the job. It seems to be held in place with either an epoxy or plastic bit. Head is the most essential part of splitting tools and it’s the main difference between an axe and the maul. This axe was actually designed in Germany and the handle designed in Switzerland. Yet, the handle is actually made of American Hickory wood. If you are a sucker for a traditional axe then definitely give the Husqvarna 30″ Wood Splitting Axe a glance. Have you ever been out chopping wood with an axe that is two pieces and suddenly the axe head comes flying off?

The special request includes Octagon, No lacquer, and handpicked handles. The handpicked option is the best as it will guarantee the excellent quality of the handle with great design and grain alignment. If you buy an axe handle from a local market store, the handles are effective but have some downsides that define their low-quality. Such as the non-smooth finish, they are prone to crack, and they are not durable. So, the article aims to provide the answers to your queries so that you can find the best axe handles suited for your job. It is true that gorilla glue does not have structural strength in the voids like epoxy. I have had good luck with gorilla glue in the application as it makes a good bond for wood to wood or wood to steel. The expansion characteristics in voids when confined between surfaces, in my opinion would still help to prevent handle movement more than no filler at all. I mention both as I feel that either will help significantly to prevent any movement or slippage.